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Love Chic Living's Jen Stanbrook on why she loves wallpaper

If you owned a home in the 90’s, and liked a little bit of DIY it was very hard to miss Changing Rooms on the TV. With interior designers such as Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and Linda Barker, we embraced colour and MDF. In fact, if you couldn’t make it out of MDF at the time, it wasn’t worth having.

Programmes like this showed people that they could be their own interior designers. It showed us that we could experiment with colour and pattern and it made home design accessible to many people. The downside to Changing Rooms was that the focus was mostly on paint, and not on Wallpaper. It wasn’t until some years later that we started to see the resurgence in popularity of wallpaper, and now even programmes such as ’60 Minute Makeover’ do embrace wallpaper and wall murals, showing that using it can be achieved even if time is restricted.

Many of us are fearful of Wallpaper. Afraid of its complexity and the difficulty associated with hanging it. We think of traditional blown vinyl and old fashioned textured paper that stuck to the wall for years and never came away. But wallpaper designs and trends have changed immensely and the variety and choice on offer is now amazing.

I love the impact Wallpaper can have on a decorating scheme. It can give it life and definition where using paint simply cannot. I love that we can be bold or subtle in our wallpaper choices, and that we can add as little or as much into a room as we like.



Beautiful beach feature wall mural - Bay and Beach by Barry Makariou

Wall murals are becoming increasingly popular as it allows us to create a bespoke piece of wall art for our homes. Use your own images or those available to create something unique just for you. I love photographic pieces that speak to you. Take for example, Barry Makariou's Bay and Beach photo wallpaper of a beautiful beach and blue ocean. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every day and see this feature wall mural in your bedroom staring back at you? Or how about some children's wallpaper? Clever Cats by Anne Scott combines colour and playfulness without being predictable in her cartoon style prints.



Colourful and playful cartoon style print - Clever Cats by Ann Scott

Different and striking wall murals make for a talking point in the home that you will love, like me, for years to come. Don’t be afraid of wallpaper. Embrace it and give it a go. If it really doesn’t work you can try again but once you’ve gone there, you won’t want to go back.

Love Chic Living's Jen Stanbrook has insatiable love of home interiors and design. Her interiors inspiration blog was nominated for Best Home Blog in the MADs National Parenting Awards 2012. She writes a weekly Wallpaper Wednesdays feature which we love. 

  • Demian

    In main article picture looks that coutch is on the beach, because everything looks so real. I am glad that now it is an opportunity to <a href="" rel="nofollow">make your own wall mural</a> and do it as you want. Amazing.

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