Create Concrete Texture Effects with Printed Wallpaper

Whether you reside in a trendy East London abode or you just love a bit of concrete, contemporary industrial themed wallpapers are really popular and are the perfect way to create a warehouse inspired environment. Complimented by clean lines and unfussy furniture, the muted colour scheme can be warmed up by pops of bright colour or kept masculine with cool greys and blues.

If you want to update your home but don’t want the hassle and expense of a complete refurbishment, concrete effect wallpaper could be the answer you’re looking for. It can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, making it a versatile choice that can be used in different ways in every room of the house.

Here at Wallpapered we love providing our customers with interesting, innovative and creative wallpaper designs.

Nothing gives a room more character than a textured looking wall. Interior designers all around the world are choosing to leave walls ‘naked’, in their original state, stripped from any plastering and paint. Materials such as brick, stone and wood is just kept as it is, in all its raw glory.

Inspired by this trend, we designed and created our new collection of texture effect wall murals. The range covers a variety of textures and materials with a very realistic quality of detail to project a Trompe-l’œil effect. Choosing one of our texture effect wallpapers is a quick and easy way to instantly transform your interior decor and create an intriguing focal point in a room.

Biggest Design Trends

Concrete effect wallpaper is one of the most essential trends in interior design in recent years. It adds a sense of texture to your walls, which is a great way of making your room look more interesting without going to the trouble of making larger, structural changes. It can also be a bold design statement in its own right, and coordinates perfectly with all the biggest room decor looks happening this year.

Cracked Concrete Wallpaper by Wallpapered

Cracked Concrete by Wallpapered

This distressed, Cracked Concrete Wallpaper wall mural gives a highly industrial and urban finish to create an interesting and textured wall effect.

Go Grey

Grey is one of the most popular colour for room designs in recent years. It’s a classy and elegant look, but it can be hard to get it right and make it look interesting enough. Concrete effect wallpaper adds just the right touch of texture to give your room an edgy feel in a subtle way. If you want a smoother, sleeker effect, choose a painted concrete effect wallpaper that will provide the perfect textured backdrop to coordinate with all your shades of grey. Keep furniture lines clean and accessorise with a few minimalist vases for the ultimate in contemporary styling.

Light Concrete Wall Mural

Light Concrete Wall Mural by Wallpapered

The Light Concrete Wall Mural is ideal both for home interiors and commercial spaces, giving a casual yet stylish look to any room.

Old Fashioned Decadence

As one of the latest trends in interior design, this is definitely something to consider if you’re decorating your home. Whether you’re going for a run-down mansion feel or the ambience of an underground 1920’s jazz club, a concrete effect wallpaper can provide a subtle hint of bare walls that make the rest of the room a blank canvas for you to play with. Sumptuous fabric sofas and overstuffed cushions work particularly well with this the concrete wallpaper look. Metal accessories are the ideal way to embrace this trend – copper is a particularly popular choice for ornaments, picture frames and even cups.

Urban Industrial

We all know the secret of loft and warehouse living is to dress a room up to make it look dressed down! A concrete effect wallpaper can provide that touch of effortless shabby chic by giving your room a deliberately unfinished feel. For the ultimate in nonchalance, go for a Concrete Brick effect wallpaper – this would create a dramatic feature on your walls.

Concrete Brick Wall Mural

Concrete Brick by Wallpapered

The Concrete Brick Wall Mural creates real character in this otherwise light and airy interior setting. This textured looking wallpaper works really well in this environment with the exposed brick, as it compliments that pared back feel. Often best kept to one wall, it creates a feature that works well with neutral palettes and other earthy textures in your warehouse abode.

Browse Our Range

Here at Wallpapered we have a wide variety of concrete effect wallpapers to suit every taste in interior decor. Browse our selection of Texture Effect Wallpaper or contact us to find out how we can help you inject some new texture into your home.

A textured looking wall has the opportunity to create such an impact, and is a significant element of the warehouse style. Concrete or brick effect wallpaper gives a hint of an industrial feel without going too overboard in an otherwise minimal scheme.

Silver Wood by Wallpapered

Silver Wood by Wallpapered

Adding an alternative finish like wood, can do wonders for a room. The Silver Wood Wallpaper design is the perfect base for your stylish vintage interior. Combining a Shabby-Chic feel with a distressed finish, this wallpaper allows for an infinity bold colour accents when choosing your furniture.

Thinking about transforming your home into warehouse chic? Try one of Wallpapered’s murals to give you the perfect look.

If you are feeling inspired by any of our warehouse chic ideas visit our website at to browse our range of wallpaper murals, or click here to send us an enquiry if you have a design in mind!

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