Custom Map Wallpaper

Bespoke Map Murals for your Home

Our Custom Map Wallpaper is a spectacular choice for your interior decor. This one of a kind product creates a stunning feature wall.

Our Custom Map Wallpaper is uniquely created. We design your custom made map wall mural using your choice of postcode or area. We can cover any area in the world!

Choose the city you grew up in for a nostalgic and personalised feature wall or perhaps you will choose the local area you have settled down in? Determine how much of the area you want to cover, to pinpoint meaningful street names and details such as your daily commute and local landmarks!

Additionally, the map wallpaper mural is printed to your exact wall size to ensure a perfect fit.

Custom Map Wallpaper for Offices

Our custom map wallpaper murals are the perfect choice for office spaces, meeting rooms and reception areas. Providing a captivating visual for your visitors and clients, they can be immersed in the local area around your business.

Opt for a street level map mural if you want to display the local area around your office space for an intriguing conversational piece. Or if your business operates around the country, an Explorer or Landranger district map may be effective in showcasing the regional area.

Custom Map Wallpaper for Estate Agents

Our custom map wallpaper murals are highly effective in Estate Agencies. A map feature wall in the office of an estate agent is an excellent tool for showcasing the local area for prospective home buyers and renters.

Not only can the map wallpaper be used as a visual tool, they simply look incredible as part of the office decor. We can customise your custom map design to match your corporate branding or office interior decor scheme. We can also add your logo and pinpoint your office location for added compelling detail.

Custom Map Murals for Commercial Spaces

A bespoke map wallpaper mural would make a distinguishing choice for an array of commercial spaces.

We have previously worked with restaurants, showhomes, government buildings and dental practices amongst others to create wonderfully bespoke map wallpaper. Get in touch with us to discuss your commercial project.

Request more information about our custom map wallpaper product. You can also see a proof of how your map will look. Get in touch by filling in the form below:

    OS Ordnance Survey Partner Logo

    We are proud to partner with Ordnance Survey to bring you our map wallpaper product for map coverage in Britain.

    OS is Britain’s mapping agency. As well as making the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country, it is also a digital business. Together with its Partners it provides content helping governments, companies and individuals to be more effective both here and around the world.

    OS reveals our ever-changing landscape in extraordinary detail, giving the most comprehensive view of Britain. OS and its Partners share a vision to provide mapping that informs, guides and inspires.

    Street Level Detail Map Wallpaper

    Stunning street-level map design. Clearly shows roads, road names, and major public buildings.

    The map has an original mapping scale of 1:10,000. In essence, the Street Level Detail map is a popular choice. The mapping data distinctly displays the local surrounding area.

    OS Street Mapping Data Example

    Explorer Map Wallpaper

    The OS Explorer map wallpaper will be familiar to hikers, cyclists and adventure makers. The original scale is 1:25,000 which covers a wider area.

    This mapping data shows stunning details of the landscape including National Trails, tourist and heritage attractions.

    OS Explorer Map Example

    Landranger Map Wallpaper

    The OS Landranger map offers an even wider area coverage. This OS Landranger map still offers an incredible clarity of detail.

    As a result, this mapping data would be suitable in covering up to approx 30 miles, depending on your wall size.

    OS Landranger Map example detail view
    Open Street Map Logo

    For Custom Made Map Wallpaper outside of Britain, our preferred mapping data is provided by Open Street Map. OSM allow us the opportunity to bring our bespoke map mural product to customers all over the world. As a result, you can choose anywhere in the world to create your personalised map wallpaper.

    You can choose a country or city your ancestors are from. Hence this creates a sentimental feature map wallpaper mural in your home. Above all, the custom map wallpaper would make a totally unique and characteristic element in your interior design.

    Rome Mapping Data Example Detail view
    Rome Map Example
    New York Map Wallpaper Example
    New York Map Example
    Dubai Mapping Data Example
    Dubai Map Example
    Close up view of Chicago Map Example
    Chicago Map Example