Our wallpaper murals are incredibly easy to install. Whether you’re a DIY novice or a seasoned decorator, you’ll love the ease of applying our wallpaper.

Unwrap and unroll your wallpaper. Each panel can be separated by cutting along the dotted lines. The panels are clearly numbered which will help you put them in order, ready to hang.

To ensure the best possible finish, make sure your wall is dry, clear of imperfections, smooth and ready for wallpapering.

Generously apply paste to the wall – enough for the first panel. You can use a plumb line to make sure the first panel is straight. Bring up the wallpaper to the wall, be careful not to get paste on the front!

Smooth down the wallpaper panel with a wallpaper brush or papering tool. Start from the top, working down the wall from the middle out to the edges. This will help remove any extra paste and air bubbles.

Ensure you are happy with the positioning of the wall panels before trimming away any excess wallpaper at the top and bottom of the panel. Use a sturdy straight edge and sharp knife to ensure a neat trim!

Repeat these steps for each panel, installing alongside the previous panel until your wallpaper mural is complete.

For a full print out of installation instructions, download here.