How To Order

We print your wallpaper mural order to your exact wall dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for your wall. Read our handy guide below for more information on how to measure your wall.

Measuring Your Wall

Standard Wall

For the width, measure the maximum horizontal distance from the edge of the wall to the opposite edge. For the height, measure the tallest distance from ceiling to floor. If there is coving or a skirting board, do not include these in your measurements. 

Wall with Obstacles

If there is a door, window or radiator on the wall, measure the total width and height of the wall. We will provide the mural as a rectangle shape, and you can easily trim away the obstacle areas. If you want to ensure the obstacles won’t cut out an important part of the design, let us know and we can position the design as you wish!

Sloped Wall

For sloped walls, measure the widest and tallest parts of the wall. We will provide the wallpaper as a rectangle shape and the sloped area is trimmed away during installation.

Corner Walls

If you want to install your wallpaper around a corner, measure the 2 walls and add the widths together. Measure the height at different parts of the walls incase the walls are not perfectly straight, and use the largest height measurement. We will provide the wallpaper as one mural to ensure the design flows perfectly across the corner.

Now that you have noted down your Width and Height measurement of your wall, you are ready to order your wallpaper mural of choice! Browse and select your favourite design.

Because walls are not always straight, we recommend you add 5cm extra to your Width and Height measurement.

You can enter the Width and Height measurement on the product page to see the price of your wallpaper. If you are happy to proceed, you can add the product to your basket and go through our secure checkout process.

Remember, if you want to customise the design in any way or if you have any queries about your wall or design, just contact us and we will be happy to hear from you.