About Us

Wallpapered provides beautifully printed, bespoke wallpaper to customers all over the world.

We believe that great interior design should be accessible to everyone. We appreciate beautiful design and we want to inspire your imagination and creativity by filling blank walls with fantastically designed wallpaper.

We understand that when you walk into a room, the space has the power to dictate how you feel. We want this feeling to be of relentless inspiration, to push your senses forward and enhance the day ahead.

Our Design Process


We take great pride in offering our customers the very best of designs. We have a range of our own designs, and we are also proud to collaborate with handpicked independent artists and designers, to turn their artwork into incredible wallpaper murals for your wall. Our design team can further customise your selected wallpaper, making a truly unique wallpaper that you’ll love for years on end.

Our Production Process


Based in the UK and utilising the latest innovations in digital print technology, we help you to truly and powerfully personalise your home by creating unique, custom printed wallpaper which is suited to your interior space. Our wallpaper is printed to your exact wall size, reducing waste and optimising bespoke design. Because we custom print to your specifications, we can allow for things like doors and windows, ensuring the wallpaper design fits your wall, no matter what.